Greetings all! With us being in the middle of winter, it gets dark early… and with darkness comes nocturnal birds… owls in particular… so you can guess where this blog is headed! Owls, of course… in particular, the African Wood Owl. The African Wood Owl is one of our commonest owls in my area. It […]



Hello everybody! This time we are going to have a look at the African Goshawk. This medium-sized raptor is still quite common in our area, as the habitat in Port Alfred and surrounding areas is more than ideal. It lives in forests, coastal bush and stands of exotic trees. The adult male is beautifully marked […]


Hello everybody! In various past articles on this site we have looked at the various “all-black” birds in our area, such as the Fork-tailed Drongo, Black Cuckoo and the Southern Black Flycatcher. For reference, you can look for the article “Spot the Difference”. This time we are going to look at yet another one of […]


Many people associate the African Scops Owl with trips to the Kruger National Park and other bushveld getaways. In some of the bird books from many years ago, the distribution maps show this little Owl either to occur here in our province very sparsely, or not at all. However, this is not true. There are […]


Greetings everybody! Today we are going to look at yet another one of those tiny “LBJ” birds… Little Brown Jobs, for those not in the know… or, in Afrikaans, VVV… Vreeslike Vaal Voëls…. the Wing-snapping Cisticola. This is one of those birds that is far more easily heard than seen, even though they are not […]


Greetings everybody! This week we are going to look at a bird that is one of my favourites, the Forest Canary. The Forest Canary is easy to recognise. It is quite a small bird that is predominantly yellow-green, with variable amounts of darker streaking on the underparts. The dark throat patch of the male, contrasting […]


Greetings, everybody! Today we are heading out to the wooded areas to have a look at a bird that doesn’t quite live up to its name… the Brown-hooded Kingfisher. This inhabitant of woodland, thornveld and fairly open bush is often seen on an exposed perch or in the shadier parts of a tree. The medium […]


Good day to you all! I hope you’re ready for another cyber-birding session… although this time we are going to sound like cats mewing in addition to birds chirping! You’re probably thinking, “What is he on about!?” Read on and see! The Longclaws are a family of birds related to pipits and wagtails, although they […]

Klaas’s Cuckoo

When thinking about Cuckoos, most people think about a grey bird with barred underparts that calls, “CUCK-oo”. Well, that species does indeed visit our area, but but is silent during its stay here, thus being easily overlooked. The more familiar species of Cuckoo that we all know, do not come from Europe. They are mainly […]


Good day to you all! I hope you are all geared up for some good Spring birding! I am noticing a lot of bird activity in our area. Nest building is underway and soon there will be a flurry of busy parents raising their young. The Weavers are getting especially “showy”. In our immediate area, […]